Sunday, January 24, 2010

What are Tapas?

Tapas hold a Spanish origin; the name is fondly used for a wide variety of large snacks. Think the traditional hors d’oeuvres just bigger! Recently tapas have transformed as chefs begin to use their imagination to take these delightful bites to the next level. These morsels are not only delicious; they are often colorful and elaborate turning them into a conversation piece. Tapas can be found in every genre of food from Italian to Spanish to Asian.

Why tapas?

The recent trend in tapas seems like it is here to stay. Opting for a tapas reception is a great new twist to the traditional sit-down or buffet. Tapas can be served, plated at stations or both! Because of this, brides have been kicking aside the stress of seating charts and plotted tables for the casual comfort of a lounge feel, bringing their wedding to life! The feel of an open seating area with plush couches and stylish décor sets guests free to mingle and enjoy each other’s company. This also allows you to create your own room, from top to bottom, which can reinforce your wedding theme. From mod white leather loungers to rustic brown suede couches or romantic white iron tables, there is perfect furniture for every type of occasion.

The tapas itself can also speak about you as a couple. Do you and your hubby have a love for sushi? Constantly crave pad-Thai? Or melt for the all-American mini-burger? Brides and Grooms often put their personal tastes aside for the customary ‘beef, chicken, or fish’ menu. By choosing to have tapas you can have your favorites and please the crowd at the same time. The convenient size of tapas allows for a variety of food to be served. So stop worrying that Aunt Linda hates seafood, or cousin Jim is vegetarian, there will be something for everyone (even yourself!).

Is it cost effective?

Tapas are a great option from the most elaborate to the most budgeted bride. With an unlimited budget, you can really run free with your imagination. Think worldly foods, stir-fry stands, and conversational presentation. For a bride who is more budget conscious, this is a great way to cut a cost and without having to go buffet-tapas can be served and passed around the room similar to hors d’oeuvres. It is a sure way to get a big bang for your buck!

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