Sunday, June 27, 2010

Double A Wedding!

Amanda and Anthony were married at a beautiful church in Tuckahoe, NY. After the ceremony, the gorgeous couple was whisked away to the reception hall to join their friends and family.

Upon entering the ballroom, guests were treated to a feast for the eyes, as the room was adorned rich purple tones, accented by beautiful bluish- purple hydrangeas, and lighting effects. Guests were able to sample a variety of mouth-watering entrees, as there seemed to have been an endless supply of food. Throughout the night, everyone could enjoy the montage of family photos of the bride and groom. The DJ kept just about all 200 guests on the dance floor, moving from one favorite song to another, as well as some traditional classics to celebrate the bride and groom’s Italian heritage.

If it were at all possible that someone was not full from dinner, guests could enjoy the bountiful dessert bar, complete with the wedding cake, multiple chocolate fountains, Italian ice, and variety of pastries to include cannoli, Napoleon, Tri-color cookies, zepollis, chocolate dipped strawberries, Tiramisu, and so on!

Congratulations Amanda and Anthony!

Thanks again to my À Votre Service Events™ family for a job well done.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

Inside a glass conservatory, amid white peonies and pink roses, sweethearts Jen and Phil professed their love and sealed their wedding vows before family and guests. The stunning bride entered thru majestic double doors while the groom beamed from the altar. Etta James’ “At Last” was chosen as the couples’ first dance beginning a night of celebration.

The reception was anchored by a full 13-piece band that belted out the latest hits as well as beloved classics. The room shimmered in Swarovski crystals, complimented with luscious florals and topped by a wedding cake fit for royalty. Five tiers and draped in beautiful, edible flowers that you had to look closely to ensure that they weren’t the real thing. Guests made full use of the massive ballroom meandering from room to room enjoying the view, the professional cigar roller and the two dessert rooms full of treats.

At the end of the night, guests were chauffeured back to their rooms in a shuttle bus, while the bridal party enjoyed a stretch limousine. The bride and groom were treated to a Rolls Royce to launch them down lover’s lane together.

I must say “hello” to the phenomenal Keasha from TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”, who was among the couple's guest list.

Congratulations to the lovely Jen and Phil!

To my team: I Thank you so so much!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Father of the Bride 2010!

In a scene worthy of classic Hollywood, Natasha, adorned in a stunning gown, entered the beautiful church and strode down the aisle to meet her true love, Stephen. The couple recited their vows while I am sure that the bride’s parents reminisced of their wedding in this same chapel. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests retired to the comforts of the Bride’s Parents’ home. However, they would not recognize the house that they had left the day before because it had been transformed into an opulent wedding venue fashioned with a classic Hollywood theme. Valets greeted each guest under an arch of rose pomanders. The scene would remind anyone in attendance of the elegant red carpet entrances of past Academy Awards ceremonies, complete with portraits of iconic actors and actresses in lieu of table numbers for each guests’ table.

Attendees were met with flutes of champagne and custom cocktails as they mingled amongst a lawn of roses and flowing green linens. The reception was held within tents enclosed with sheer white fabric that welcomed guests to magnificent towers of red and white flowers that complimented the deep red textured table linens. Candles of all sizes reflected light off of beautiful china, making a scene so romantic that it seemed suitable for filming.

After a mouthwatering dinner, the full band wound up the crowd beside a dance-floor illuminated by crystal chandeliers and a glowing swimming pool enclosed inside one of the tents. Guests satiated their sweet tooth with peanut butter sundaes and relaxed with hand rolled cigars in the 'Bermuda room'. All good evenings must come to an end, but luckily, there were luxury buses available to ferry everyone safely back to their hotel rooms. This Platinum Wedding is the perfect beginning of Natasha & Steve’s 'happily ever after'.

Congratulations Tasha & Steve!

What can I say about my team, but that I appreciate you and I thank you so so much for all your hard work and for a job well done!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedding Across the Pond!

Although the lovely couple hailed from jolly ol' England, Adele and Ben chose to be wedded right here in the States on May 22, 2010. Pennsylvania to be specific. The location was a picturesque traditional B&B tucked into the side of a hill and surrounded by a canopy of huge trees.

The intimate gathering shared the ceremony and reception with the bride and groom and their families all within the confines of the estate. Only the bride and the mother of the groom would have been able to distinguish him from his twin brother, the best man. Luckily for the rest of us, they were clothed in complementary colors.

As a trio of musicians provided the ambiance, the bride was escorted down the aisle to her beaming groom. Pursuant with our proprietary agreement with Mother Nature, the rain showers predicted for the day held off until just after the bride completed her recessional into the mansion. The short spring shower allowed the guests to digest the beautiful ceremony while our team implemented our Weather Plan B, moving the cocktail hour and reception from outside to inside. Surrounded by loving family and friends and good cheer, the couple danced away the night with their guests and slowly, one by one, they all retired upstairs to their rooms on the premises.

Congratulations Adele and Ben!