Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet Addie and Sean

Happy Tuesday,

It has been a while, and this post is long overdue. About three weeks ago, I had the honor and pleasure of receiving a beautiful Save-the-date card from my clients Addie and Sean who are getting married this coming fall.

I was wowed by the simple gesture of receiving a card, and so moved that Addie and Sean were so thoughtful to have included me as part of their mailing list.

Their wedding photographer Kella Macphee was very gracious to provide me a photographed copy of the save-the-date above.

Addie designed and printed her cards herself, and it is no question that she is a very talented!
When I asked about her vision for her wedding, Addie was thoughtful, and could not find the words to describe what she has in mind. But in listening to her a bit more, it was clear to me that this couple's wedding is going to be very cool, laid-back feel, and vintage chic!
As you will see, that vision is captured beautifully in the Save-the-date!

I can hardly wait for their Big Day. Thanks again Addie and Sean :-)