Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We have moved to www.avsevent.com/blog

Hello Wonderful Readers!

We excited to announce that our blog has moved! We welcome you to our new home, located at: www.avsevent.com/blog

You will be able to read / refer to all old posts and as well as new ones to come. Be sure to leave some comments, suggestions, etc.

Please update your bookmarks and don't forget to subscribe to our new blog so that you may continue to receive updates, as this will be our last post at this address.

Below is a screenshot of our fabulous new blog! Again, it's www.avsevent.com/blog

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Softer Side of New York City

In case you missed this year's Sarah Jassir presentation during Bridal Week, we at À Votre Service Events™, had front row seats and have brought you a sample to whet your appetite! With ultra modern lines, the gowns embody femininity with dream inspired fabrics, subtle but fanciful adornments and magical details!

Thinking of living vicariously through a certain fictional NYC writer and her 3 friends on your special day (a la "Sex in the City")? The Sarantina line by Sarah Jassir is the vogue to follow. Stay tuned and follow our blog for all the latest wedding and event trends.
(We thank our friends over at Sarah Jassir for having us, and we look forward to doing it again soon)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On deck: À Votre Service Events™!!

As your single source for all events planning needs, we work to stay on top of the hottest venues around. Today we toured the stunning New Yankee Stadium located in the Bronx. With our exclusive backstage pass, we can assure you that there is lot more going on here than just baseball. Looking for a stimulating environment for your next board meeting? Looking to host a banquet or award dinner for a deserving individual or team in a one of a kind venue? Tired of going to the local restaurant for that holiday party? Are you and your betrothed huge baseball fans and looking to tie the knot with the famous Yankee facade in your pictures? Or maybe a proud parent who wants to celebrate your child's birthday or Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the one place none of their friends have been before? Yes, you can do all of that at the stadium, and we can make it happen for you.

The stadium is packed with amenities for all types of events and we can customize a package for you that secures any portion of the venue or the entire stadium for your event.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Engagement Season Again!

The time when that special person in your life decides that somewhere between the turkey and the pumpkin pie, right in the midst of
surreptitiously holding in your tummy, would be the PERFECT time to take a knee and hand you that velvet covered box. You know the box...the one that contains the symbol of promise and love and Happily Ever After?

OK, ladies stop reading now and hand the computer over to your honey...

Gentlemen, turn off the PS3, the XBox, and put down the remote! Focus! So you are thinking of proposing and you know you have to start with the ring (well technically you have to start with the girl, but you get the point). There are several things you need to know before investing in a diamond. Known as the the 4 C's of diamonds, you'll need to bear in mind the following:

Cut: which is the actual cutting, shaping and polishing of the stone to allow the maximum amount of light and brilliancy to be reflected and dispersed through the gem.

Color: this can range from colorless to light yellow. The Geological Institute of America's (GIA) scale begins at D (colorless) and ends with Z (light yellow).

Clarity: this is the amount and location of any flaws, blemishes or inclusions within the stone. This scale begins with FI and runs the gamut to I3. Any inclusion can change or prevent optimal light from passing through the stone making it look less brilliant or at worst gray, and cloudy.

Carat weight: a metric carat is defined as 1/5 of a gram and in round cut diamonds, can usually be calculated by the diameter and depth of the stone. 1 carat is divided into 100 "points" which is another term your jeweler may use to describe your diamond's weight.

So now you know what to think about when choosing that perfect diamond. Shop around, ask questions and do a lot of research. Of course the shape and setting of your diamond is also extremely important and since you know your bride-to-be almost better than anyone else, keep in mind her preferences and style. Remember, she will more than likely be wearing this promise of your commitment for the rest of her life!

Above are some examples to get you started. Happy Shopping!
Be sure to contact us at À Votre Service Events™ to help you plan the perfect proposal!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Another satisfied customer"

Happy Sunday wonderful Readers!

Every now and then we get something in the mail that reminds us once again why we love what we do, and why we are so passionate about it. We received a Thank You note from Jiji and Jonas (you may remember this lovely couple's beautiful, intimate wedding back in early September). And the note reads:

"Hi Danielle,
How are you? We want to say thank you once again. You and your team did a great job in organizing our wedding. Everything was in order and it all went smoothly. We do believe that we would not have had that wonderful wedding without your assistance. We really appreciate what you have done. Thank you.
-Jiji and Jonas"

Photo credit: Tiffany Atlas Photography

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bright Lights, Big City

What do you get when you add a loving bride and groom, great homemade Mexican food, a beautiful October Saturday night, and the top two floors of a skyscraper penthouse? Another wonderful À Votre Service Events™ affair! Julie and Chris were married on the terrace before their family and friends surrounded by flowers and serenaded by a classical trio. After the ceremony, the couple led their guests down to the reception area where a local restaurant prepared delicious Mexican fare to order, along with fresh made guacamole. With full bellies, the guests returned to the top floor that had been transformed into an underwater themed private night club. With the Empire State Building in the background, all in attendance partied the night away in celebration of the newest couple in Manhattan.

Congratulations to our gorgeous bride Julie and Chris!

Thank you once again to my fantastic team at À Votre Service Events™!