Monday, January 18, 2010

Congratulations Collin and Josh!!!

Collin and Josh are Engaged!

We will be coordinating their upcoming nuptials in early summer of 2010. Collin and Josh hail from the Commonwealth of Virgina and will be getting married in the Garden State, so we want to extend to them a big “howyoudoin’” ! This fun-loving couple sure knows how to cut up a rug! These photos below are the tame version of what went on during their engagement party.

I can tell by meeting their families that this wedding will a huge celebration, I can’t wait for the big day, for them and for me! What fun to come!

We want to extend a huge Thank you to Chelo Keys for the gorgeous photos!


Chelo said...

You can tell how thrilled Josh and Collin were to have you as their planner!! It's great that they have you to make their big day run flawlessly :)

Marie Danielle, Founder and Director said...

Chelo, it was such a pleasure to have met you at the engagement party. Thank you for the kind words. I too can hardly wait for Collin and Josh's big day! :-)