Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Big Fabulous Greek Wedding!

In following the traditions of their fore fathers, the betrothed were married in a traditional Greek church surrounded by their friends and family. The Bride, wearing an EXQUISITE gown, and Groom were married by two Priests and a Koumbari who performed the Betrothal Ring and Crown ceremonies.

After sharing the Common Cup and Koufeta, the wedding party moved from the Church to the Castle for cocktail hour and reception. In a grand ballroom adorned with both the wedding cake and a special cake made by a family elder, the couple was serenaded by a Greek band who performed classic songs as well as modern hits. The money dance showered the new couple with well wishes while the guests danced in concentric circles around them. After dinner and dessert, the party continued with an after-party in a separate alcove in the castle.

Congratulations Merope and Davin!

Thank you to my team for another successful event.

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