Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MENgagement ring? What's that?!

As engagement season starts to wrap up you may have a shiny new ring to display, but what about your other half?

It’s the trend that’s been hitting the pages of The Times, NY Daily news, and even ABC News: The MENgagement ring. Contrary to the traditional one-ring per couple, many love-birds are changing their minds.

“He actually brought up the idea,” confessed bride-to-be Caitlin. “Dean and I both have a career in international business which requires us to travel often. Once engaged, I loved the feeling of being able to look down at my ring and be reaffirmed of our love and commitment even though we were miles apart.” That connection is what started the conversation. “We began to realize that the symbol of one belonging to the other is outdated. Now we’re symbolizing the love we share and our intent to revere that love for the rest of our lives.”

Couple psychotherapist , Paula Hall, gave her input on the MENgagement fad. “I can certainly see positives in this,” she says. “It’s clearly symbolic, but what it potentially does is demonstrate a shared commitment to the process and journey of being a couple at an earlier stage. Showing mutual commitment is important, and at the moment it can be a one-sided thing."

So what is a MENgagement ring? Toss out all your traditional ideas of a feminine diamond ring. MENgagement rings are often more subtle and understated; though in true engagement ring fashion… there has to be some bling! The fun of a MENgagement ring is that it doesn’t necessarily mean diamonds. Think sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. You can even ditch the regular gold of silver for colored titanium. Or take traditional metals and go flat or textured, single or two tone. It truly is up to your fiancé's taste.

Clearly, the rising trend is not for every couple, but Caitlin & Dean seem to be happy with their decision. I think Dean put it perfectly when he said, “I wanted a ring because we’re in this together, forever.”

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